Gazeebo De Lala: bakit ganun ang iba?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

bakit ganun ang iba?

bakit ganun ang iba?
they have the guts to treat you like crap tapos they're the one who treats you like nothing happened. the thruth is...i have this bestfriend who's in a crisis right now. this is really testing her own strength aas well as the strength of her "personal" relationships (if you get what i mean...) i had just found about the crisis through another friend and being the good guy that i am i kept my mouth shut. i was later surprised when this bestfriend of mine started texting me looking for some conversation being that she was stuck in a party and she didn't even know half the people there. so, we started talking and when i asked her how she was (and i was expecting her to lie by the way...) she said that everything's fine and that everything was ok. personally, i don't like it when people put on a mask to hide what they trully feel inside so naturally i told her that i know about her crisis and that a common friend of ours told me about it. she asked me why i didn't say it earlier to save her from being formal and pretending everythings ok. so ithought to myself that it was a good thing i told her and being that we are bestfriends i tried giving her advice and comforting her through it. all through out this conversation she was texting the boyfriend of the coomon friend who told me about the crisis. this common friend of ours then texted me and asked if we could talk. i called this friend up thinking that it was an emergency. which i found out to be see the implication that this common friend of mine had was that i spreading gossip about the crisis. that i was telling my bestfriend all sorts of things which were not true. naturally i got frustrated. i felt betrayed. this came a person who told me that i knew her better than anyone...even her family and for to think and say to our friends this bullshit is really fucked up. this just proves to me that people...even the ones you think you know can still surprise you.


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