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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


"i read your blog..all i can say is "wow!" i never thought you could say somethin like were expecting me to lie?!?!first of all..the reason i texted you was bec. i missed talkin to you coz apparently now your college and so far away.. i think thats pretty obvious..just becoz i dont text you that often anymore doesnt mean iv forgotten abwt you and when i text, it doesnt mean that im lookin for someone to rant out my problems to! besides, you of all people should know me better..i dont run to people if i hav a problem, i run to God for that..i ran to you coz i was wonderin how you were doin and if you were ayt..another thing is..i just mentioned to pao that kat told you bout lej and thats all..i didnt even know what hapened after that coz he didnt reply thing, i wish you couldv told me..of all the people i believe in and trust was i supposed to know?diba? if thats what you think about the times i text you nowadays, all i can say is, i thought you knew me better to think that..i guess i was wrong to think that then..if you felt like i was treatin you like crap tell me!!coz you have no idea what worse crap im goin through other than whats happenin to said yourself, you dont like it when people put on a mask to hide what their why did you hide this from me?and you call me a bestfriend..i dont think i deserve that title from you if thats the way you think i act..thanks a lot pardz..thanks.. "

this was the message that was sent to me in reaction to the last entry i placed in this journal...entitled "bakit ganun ang iba?"

I sent a reply to this message and basically all i said was...

"If you think very little of me then what i wrote shouldn't bother you should it?...

...Look, i don't have to feel guilty or explain anything. What I wrote are my personal feelings and thoughts. So just deal with don't like it don't read it. Simple as that!!!..."


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