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Monday, November 21, 2005

New Fears...

like the title says...this entry is about new fears.

you see i just made the choice of transferring to another school after seeing that my current course wasn't really for me. everything's set...i've submitted my application, i just have to submit one last requirement and then im set to take the entrance exam on the 4th of december but then it dawned on me.

what if this doesn't work out again?

what if i give in to fears once again?

did i make the right choice this time?

alot of questions popped into my head and made me feel uneasy that i wasn't able to get some sleep that night. i know that i shouldn't live in what if's and stuff like that but when it comes to my future and what im gonna do with my life i can't help but wonder. i can't help but question, i can't help but fear the unknown.

i dunno what to do...i feel so lost again.


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