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Saturday, December 17, 2005

In my life...

alot has happened in the past couple of weeks that i don't know exactly where to begin with this entry. bear with me if the sequence of events are not as organized as i had hoped.

1. My Life...
my life has been very crazy the past few weeks with change around every corner. one, i've always been open with my current academic situiation those of you who know me can atest to this but now this have taken a turn hopefully not for the worst. i had just found out the results of my effort to switch schools but lets just say that the result was not what i expected. i was wait-listed mainly because of the fact that im still currently attending school and the condition for my admission is a copy of my transcript to be evaluated to know if im at par with the level o excellence they are know for but unfrotunatly since they gave me my results a few days later than expected i can not give them what they require and i have no choice but to wait the school year out and apply again for the next term. i was completly disappointed. i was hoping to get out of my current rat hole that i didn't prepare myself for the outcome. though it is hard for me to accept i know that there must be a reason behind this. like what i always say "everything happens for a reason..." the Lord has something else planned for me that's why i got the results i got. i will not allow this to deter me from my goal of getting out but rather makes me want persue it more. i know that the road is gonna be long and hard but i know that i can make it through no matter what.

2. Love life...
my love life is still pretty much the same. like what i said before in another entry in this blog 've made peace with her and i can honestly say that i am happy for her and the way her life is going. someone asked me what was it that made me treat her the way i did. back then i wouldn't have given you an answer but now (with the help of my best friend) i know why i did what i did. it was simplely because she knew me. the real me. the part of me that very few people get to see. she got to see the real me that i freaked out and pushed her away. i know now that what i did was wrong and i know i can't take it back but i know that i can build a better future. she will always be the love of my life and that will never change.

to this person, you know who you are. if you happen to read this i just want you to know that i will always be thankful to the Lord for bringing you to my life and for teaching me that there is more to me than what i thought. you taught me to be true to myself and i will never forget it. i want you to always remember that im here for you no matter what. i love you and miss you. take care always and God bless!!!


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