Gazeebo De Lala: Kuya Pardz Entry #2: Life is indeed not without complications...

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kuya Pardz Entry #2: Life is indeed not without complications...

Life is indeed not without complications...

Someone once said to me "Life is not without complications..." and true enough this was proven to me yet again. Just when your life goes on smoothly...BANG!!! Life hits you with a few curveballs and your back to where you started.

My life, for example, got strtuck with a major curveball. Before 2005 ended things were great. My life made sense and things were going smoothly yet now things have taken a hudge turn. I find myself in between a crossroad in my life. To take one would mean my return to a life that I thought was over and to take the other would mean a future that is very uncertain. But as always the future is very uncertain for everyone. We can never know how the choices we make affect our lives until we make them and even then we have to stand by the choices we've made no matter what the outcome. As much as we want to make the right choice or make a change for the doesn't seem to make any better for us. But that is life. It has to have complications. It has to be hard. It has to be all the things we complain about simply because without it we would not be the people that we are now. Life is a never ending lesson. It always teaches us something about ourselves and other people. I believe that what experience in life is what shapes us as individuals and if not for the hardships that we face everyday we wouldn't be who we are now. Faith in ourselves and faith in HIM is what gets us through the day and no matter what the outcome of our choices may be it what shapes us to be the people we are.

Life is indeed not without complications but it is worth it to become the people we are.


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