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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Life is full of little surprises...

That was the realization that I came across for the past couple of weeks. Just when I thought that life sucked it gave me reason to be happy. True enough it gave me a lesson that no matter what happens in this world...what goes around comes around. Everything comes full circle and eventually it bites you in the ass. It's actually a great irony that I've come te realize.

But then again just as I was given a reason to be happy...others were given a hard lesson in life and as much as I want to help...I'm too happy seeing people, who were once on top of the world, beg and crawl right in front of me. I know that like what i said, this will eventually bite me in the ass coz evrything does come full circle but then again I'm still having fun seeing these people in pain. I know that I might come off as a bad guy and I must assure you that I'm not it's just that these people toyed with me and my feelings before so basically its my turn to toy with them.

Revenge is a dish best served cold as they say and that is true. I don't get mad with people...I get even and once I do I make sure that they're distroyed. People have told me that it wouldn't take away the pain or that it wouldn't be as rewarding once I do it but honestly for makes up for everything. I'm good friend but a very bad enemy.


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