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Saturday, August 05, 2006



it SUCKS!!!

it never seems to go away when you get older...

nor does it get any easier.

i hate the fact that i have so much responsibility and the fact that i choose to also take's just the kind of guy i am i guess. nevertheless, it sucks to just have it. the fact that alot is expected of you or the fact that i have to mature or the fact that i can't afford to act like a teenager when in fact i still am. it's just hard to do or be so much for so many people that sometimes i can't help but feel that im forgetting myself sometimes and i mean this for everything. school, family, friends, love life, social life and a like that sometimes i just find myself just crying myself to sleep or im indifferent to other people or just that i want to drop everything and runaway...but sadly i can't. i have so much going for me and things going on in my life that i can't really afford to do it. all i can really do is just suck it in and live life.

i know that you might be sick of me saying this and i know you might say why don't i just do it or find an alternative solution or just get over it coz im not the only person who's going through maybe right but all im really trying to do is just get everything off my chest. this is the only medium i have for now to bring my inner most feelings out.

*deep sigh*

that's just how life is i guess...

i better just deal with it....


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