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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hey lalans, our own blog... ;-)

ei guys, let's post here all the things that happened, that is happening, and that will happen to us lalans for all of us to know what's happening sa buhay nating mga lalans... ;-) and now that we are going to part temporarily, this might be a good idea for us to keep in touch with one another... so guys, post lang nang post ah! ;-) oh and by the way, add your own blog here... here's how: login as gazeebodelala w/ the password lalans, then go to setting, add members... then put your email... then go to your email ad, then check out the message, then verify/confirm the membership!!! ;-) oh, and if you're going to post, post through your own blog account, only if you're a memeber na... if all else fail, login na lang kayo dito using the username and password above... ;-) so guys, let's try to keep up at least once a month and post something here on the blog ha... promise 'yan! ;-) lalans by blood, lalans by heart...;-)


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