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Saturday, September 03, 2005

a song I made for the lalans... ;-)

"We Don’t Have To Say Goodbye"

Stanza 1:
We don’t have to say goodbye
Because even though we try
This loneliness would never ever leave
Do we have to break away
And go on our separate ways
Can’t we escape it, do we have to say

Goodbye, goodbye is the hardest thing to say
‘Coz we have come a long long way
It’s really hard to let go of our memories
Goodbye, even though we’re going to part
You will always be in my heart
A part of me won’t ever have to say goodbye

Stanza 2:
Every end has a brand new dawn
And life would still go on
Along the way I will think of your smile
Everyday was just the same
‘Til the moment that you came
You brought the sunshine into my life

(repeat Chorus)

Our smiles are now beginning to fade
But look at all the moments we’ve made
Even if we cry a thousand tears
Nothing will ever replace those years
We really don’t have to say

(repeat Chorus except ‘goodbye’)

(repeat Chorus)

Whenever you need me, just look back
I have always stayed


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