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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

english+logic= doubtfully not observable.

and i'm back.

all thanks to the revolutionary caffine drink that made me feel like there's no such thing as day and night. first time?
first time to see the stars and the list of the chemical components of a plant before me?
heck, no.
first time to see the sunrise and being nauseating at the same time?

good thing my body tells me that they're still up and running for the midterms. result?
stay tuned.
this just in, im exempted in logic for the finals. *laughs* yeah, me. in logic.

and mind you, it's really eye-popping when you just know minutes away from your exam that your exam in english is 100--not 101. i mean, why do i have to have 2 english subjects?

to be globally competitive, of course.
yeah. yeah right.

seriously, i'd rather memorize all the bones of the skeletal system than memorizing the subject-verb agreement.
no wait, i resent that.
*laughs* not.

this just in, the world's turned upside down. it actually and finally did. and hey, i'd rather be happy now okay? im living a great life right now so please do the same for me, okay? please smile. just smile or else i'd be the first to slap you with a frog. or maybe a chicken. or maybe a cow.if i could just ask help from *snorts* oh gee whatdya look at the time.

so there.
oh and for the record, i am still very responsive from butterflies. in a bad way that is.
and from that narrow-minded, self-centered, grade-conscious person. ha, you'll never know. just guess from those 47 students. (sadly and surprisingly im one of them. hey, shut your mouth.)

with love,
the cram queen.


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