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Sunday, September 18, 2005

he's such a liar! i don't know why. and he always lies to me. me?! of all people he chose me to be the one he would lie to. one thing to say to him: WRONG CHOICE DUDE! 'coz i always would find out about his lies. just the other day, he lied to me. how am i supposed to believe him or even trust him at all if he continues to lie to me??? oh when will he ever stop?

i just don't understand. he's the one who's telling me to be honest and open to him. yet he's the one who's not honest or open. i don't know why i care or bother so much. it's just irritating. so annoying.

he's such a big fat LIAR. i want to shout at him, hit him or something just to get this all out. what does he think? that i'm dumb or something. ha? i'm not stupid like him. no way.

is this what he calls ' friends' or 'friendships'?? think again.

there's one thing i want to say to him. 'look. you're the reason i want to leave so badly that i may one day forget you and all the memories of us. hopefully when i come back, we can be friends. real friends. and hopefully you have outgrown your attitude towards me and all you lies. i'll be praying for that miracle.'


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