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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Faith is enough proof!

i am deeply disappointed at people who call themselves "faithful" to God and yet send tons of e-mails and text messages that "test" your belief and faith in God, saying that if you send the message to N people to the Nth power it will mean that you truly love God and that you are faithful in Him, and if you do not bad luck will devour your soul for the next few days..

bull.. all i can say is bull..

don't they know that their own faith, which they keep and nurture deep within their hearts, is enough proof? believe me, i have never sent any message of any kind to anyone regarding that kind of bullsh*t.. why? because i know that deep within me i have faith in Him, enough faith that could surpass all fears, anxieties, troubles, and hardships.. and i do not need to prove to anyone that this faith is genuine.. i do not need to prove anything to anybody.. only to God.. and i know i have proven my faith in Him ever since i knew Him.. that's why i do not waste my time, money, efforts, and my faith just to send those sh*t to people.. and that's why i remain faithful..

forgive me for the language.. i am just so infuriated.. i hate those people who make those kind of messages.. and i am very disappointed at people who send and disperse those messages to other people..

and now, as i close this another entry of mine (yahoo! it did not take long for me to create another entry! ;-), i would like to warn the people who will read this.. do not send me those kind of messages ever.. don't waste your time in rubbish things.. be productive.. or better yet, send me quotes of love and sorrow.. i will appreciate it more.. ;-)


Blogger aLeLi said...

we have same thought about that... glad to hear it from you :) ... through your entry i can see how strong and sure are you with your faith... hope it would grow more... Godspeed... :)

May 30, 2006 at 1:35 PM


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