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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

netopia and floorwax, anyone?

i just simply hate the smell of floorwax especially in the morning.

so im here in this amazing place where i have the chance to kill time while my relatives are watching some child-fantasy-trying-to-outnumber-madagascar-in-ticket-sales flick.

im lovin netopia.
since the people around banned me and the others from using friendster for it might cause another virus/crash by yours truly, i have all the time in the world to check out my friendster.

59 minutes remaining.

so lately, lots of things just happend.

jay won project runway [ha! in your face wendy pepper!]
naima won america's next top model cycle 4
chuck and i-forgot-her-name won beauty and the geek
that geek that looks like tom cruise
is still h.o.t
da vinci code is now showing

--apparently none much has happend to the one who is writing this blog.
i am in love.
he sure knows how to swoon me with is voice. and i mean it when i say that no one would ever replace him. this is not a kind of fling that would last in a month..or a year...or even decades.

cheezy enough to say this but: i love him.till the end of time.
now if you'll excuse me, i have to go to the nearest cr and barf.
wanna know who he is?1

setting aside the floppy words that i just gave, i have news.
[stares at the computer screen]

nah, ive got nothing.
it's been a long time since ive updated my blog [because of another law that states that thou shall not use blog sites and friendster. something like that. i just seriously made that up.]

50 minutes remaining
[and just wasted 2 mins of my time to figure out how many minutes are left for me]

recently, i had these feelings that i cant make it through my course in college. maybe it's because of fear, maybe it's because i just dont feel like it. but there's this part of me that says that i could be the best of what i am doing. i just dont have the confidence.

and part of me says to shut my future tunnel for a while and enjoy the rest of the summer. for the meanwhile, i will sing to you my theme song for the summer.

my hallux
my patellar
my acromion
my cranium [repeat 2x]

im starting to like anatomy. no wait, i take that back. i just noticed that since ive started studying anatomy, my grammar and spelling went down the drain. is this the effect of becoming a licenced nurse in the future??? next topic,pleace
.[and yes, i intended to type that for comedic effect. crap my grammar is flunking.]

since i have tried so hard to change my life since some people would just happily ditch a lil ol me, let's take this blog entries a little more serious.

i just simply hate the smell of floorwax especially in the morning.

*putting up this footnote is quite useless though you might know the likes of him.i would still not mention his beloved name just for a fact that i love to torture my readers. pax.


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