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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

post-cheering pictures [town]

an event that was so hyper (diba sa starbucks?) it only happened for that day
here are the pictures from our last alis...

indulge in the beauty of lalans..hehe joke

jix and karlo.. papakavain lang naman po...

here's a pic i took, candid talaga.

cass, chismax to the max

pardz, takin a pic also

lelai and karlo, halaman? hehe.

remember r_ _ n (ung tree sa kabilang gazeebo)


here's kuya pardz, cassie ang karlo. oh! the Vanity!!!

mga future endorsers ng jollibee


hehehe scandal sa barkada!!! joke lang.

lelai, are you on crack?



jichael and karlo uli, ang best pals sa group

advertizing the ubos na pagkain tray, wax papaer and drink

aleli, hehehe ok lang yan you still look preety to us! oi! lalaki na ulo nyan.. joke!

wah! miss you all guys talaga!!!!!


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