Gazeebo De Lala: Chai Entry Number ONE

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chai Entry Number ONE

Theory of the Objectivity of Love


People in this world are neither good nor evil. People only love. It must be clarified, for the reader’s sake that the word ‘love’ is used in the context, not as the common notion of it as directed towards others or the common good. Love may be directed to anything, living or non-living, material or immaterial.

The object of our love is so diverse. Some people may love peace, knowledge, beliefs, religion, faith, pleasure, stability, comfort, and even love itself. Love’s most popular object is the ‘not- self’ like the family, friends, a single person, the country, the oppressed, the needy, and other forms of martyrdom. But it can also be directed to other less popular 'self-centered' things such as fame, wealth, adventure, talent, superiority and power.

Love is something, which cannot be easily judged as good or evil, but it is true that true love entails sacrifice and suffering. If a person loves peace, he may sometimes suffer from passiveness for the sake of peace. Some people who love knowledge, doesn’t even mind sacrificing a normal social life and wealth. Some who love their beliefs, religion and faith, are also willing to do so. Some, who love pleasure, can be willing to sacrifice their moral values. Some, who love stability and comfort, would do away with possibilities, change and adventure. Those who love ‘love’ itself are willing to risk anything for the sake of loving and being loved. The same things go for everything else.

Indeed, love is very powerful. A person can never be stopped from loving. It wouldn’t matter if we think that the object of a person’s love is wrong, because loving or knowing that you have achieved what you love would make you happy, no matter how others judge you.

To think that everybody ‘just loves’ would make it easier for us to accept other people, whatever kind of person they may be. For example, someone who is selfish could be described in a neutral manner as someone who loves himself. A person who acts cowardly may be someone who just loves peace or possibly safety. A person whom society calls as flirty could be someone who just loves attention. Describing every form of love would take eternity.

Loving is innate in all of us. If God is Love, then it is true that God has created us in His own image and likeness - by planting in all of us the seed of love. The important thing is that we have to accept that we all love different things in different ways. This acceptance is called respect.Respect is more powerful than love because it reconciles everything.

Love is good, as long as we do not hinder the ability of others to love in their own way.


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