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Monday, January 09, 2006

Gazeebo De Lala's Top 3 Blog Entries Mechanics

* the mechanics has no order whatsoever

1) all lalan bloggers can join.

2) blog entries (maximum of 2) are to be posted only here at our blog.

3) deadline for entries is at feb. 28, 2006.

4) the top 5 blog entries will be declared on march 18, 2006. it will be posted through a blog entry.

5) blog entries previously posted can be used as an entry. lalans who will use their previous blog entries must re-post them in the blog.

6) entries' title must be under this format: (name of lalan) Entry (entry number): (title of entry )

7) entries can be in Tagalog, English, or Taglish.

8) entries could be in any form of prose or poetry.

9) judging will be through a poll in our yahoo group.

10) all lalans, blogger or non-blogger, could choose their top 2 chosen entries. lalans could only vote once per selected entry.

11) lalans could not pick their own entries.

12) poll will be created / will start the day after the last date of submission of entries. only the moderator of our yahoo group will create and monitor the poll.

13) all lalans must comply with the mechanics. or else...

* suggestions for change/addition in the mechanics must be first posted in the tag board in this format: CHANGE: (suggestion for change/addition)


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