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Monday, November 21, 2005

Renaissance, lalans... ;-)




excuse me!


there will be a major, if not, total change here in my blog... there will be a revolution... this time, my entries will be based more on my experiences... this time, i will update my blog more often... this time, i will write more on the aspect of life itself, rather than plain love... don't worry there would still be lessons, but this time it's more on life and less on love... this time, it's gonna get personal...

i really don't know what came over me tonight... maybe it was the spicy chicken... or maybe the droplets of H2O from the somber sky that touched my soul... or maybe the age-old unfathomable desolation that's slowly surfacing to my eyes... or maybe the withering poet inside me that is craving for a breath of ideas and ingenuity... all i know is that i suddenly had the urge to revise and revolutionize my blog into something more, which other people, superficial or profound, can easily relate to (in contrast to my past entries about love lessons that eventually wilted after some time of commendation)...

now, i will try to appeal more to the people of my century (especially to the ones who kept on trying to find something new in my blog but always failed to do so)... now i am going to tell my story... i will refrain from publishing generalized entries and i will write more on my life story... i will, from now on, present myself barenaked, *ahem* figuratively of course, to my dear readers and let them sink in to my stream of existence...

oh yes... this time, it's gonna get personal... ;-)



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