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Sunday, November 06, 2005

and im back.
all in all, this sem break sucks. yeah, you saw that right. i was about to say 'was bullsh*t' but 'sucks' would be less dramatic and more acceptable to the public.

caution: if you're below the age of a teenager or can't stand reading blog entries with gruesome vocabulary and hatredness, i suggest you click that small 'x' on the upper right of this window right about...NOW.

and back to our show, reality.

how horrific was my sem break? it was so boring and i abstained from technology that i had to force my eyes to read a book. oh let me rephrase. five books. i swear, i need my broken eyeglasses fixed.the book i'm reading right now is quite alright, sophies world...if you know that book and if you're my classmate, you might think, 'man, she still can't get enough of philosophy...' a hangover? maybe. i find it facinating though...the book i read before that will really make you think, 'yup, it's a hangover--with a little bit of desperation...'
so what? the tao of Pooh is really...i have no idea why i survived reading 158 pages of that book but hey! dont fret, i shan't talk to you like im talking to socrates or something...
but of all the books..really...i still cant believe that dumbledore is dead! again, hats off to Rowling. oh, and to Dan Brown. yes, i read Angels and Demons and i tell you, it was truly an unputdownable book.

unputdownable (un`pût 'dõwn áblē) adj. 1. reading such book for more than 24 hours straight 2. reading such book until eyes are merely red and eyebugs are visible syn. (see works of Dan Brown)

* * *

Do you know what i hate about rumors? some of it has a big chance that it is actually the truth. and do you know what i hate about some truths?
they suck real bad. truth hurts.

warning: again, if you are undergaged and not old enough to see horrific and immoral stuff which i am about to type below, i suggest you turn away from the pc or just press ctrl+alt+del twice.

welcome to someone else's college life.
let's just put it this way. i will tell all the rumoric details as straight as possible. this will be my first and last.
what if your friend told you that one of your bestfriends was receiving a blow job from his girlfriend on a school day? round 8 in the morning? in his car perhaps? (excuse me, i have to barf fo a while)

codswallop, right? preposterous? nonsense? impossible?
on to the details: this guy picks up his girl, goes to school, parks in front (take note) in front of the college building and doesn't go out for a long time. one guy noticed and came near the car and saw. a couple having oral sex. gee, how wholesome. (excuse me, i have to barf again)

and mind you, i heard this rumor from not just 1 person.
i've been hearing a lot of different rumors from different people about him and it leads to one main idea--that he's an addict on the process of procreation. im sorry, can't say that one straight.

to believe or not to believe, that is the que--i think i read too much philosophical books.
honestly, im really confused. i dont know on which side to believe in.

now if you're underaged and not old enough to see horrific and immoral stuff which i just wrote above, my apologies. but it's not my fault that your eyes and mouth are wide open right now--told you that wasn't wholesome. screw the guy who had oral sex with his girlfriend.

life 102.5: oh im sorry, no lessons learned from this yet. stay tuned.


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