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Saturday, October 22, 2005


yesterday i went with my friends and got to hang out and spend time with them. of course, there was the time to talk about my personal life concerning my past. i know i'm not supposed to still be talking about it. but i just can't help it. he can't let me go. why?

he has a new life and everything. i have my own life as well. why can't he just return my book and we both will move with our different lives? i just don't get it. there are still alot of things i don't understand. a lot of questions i want to ask. but i will never get the answers. not that i don't want to know what they are but there just is no way for me to find out about it.

maybe i still do have feelings for him. but that doesn't mean i want to get back with him or anything. all i want is for me to live my life without having to think of how to get my book back from him. that book is the only thing that's connecting me to him. aside from our common friends. and our past.

one more thing, why does he make a big deal out of everything? uptil now. no offense to him. but he isn't exactly the person who does what he says. he does the opposite. so does he think ll still believe everything he has said. hay.

all i can do now is want until he returns my book. when? i can never say for sure.closure? maybe he thinks being 'friends' is already his idea of closure. my idea of proper closure is when he returns my book. and we both move with our lives. coz there's nothing more to talk about. it is all over anyway. we are over.


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October 22, 2005 at 5:25 PM


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