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Monday, January 23, 2006

mama mich entry # 1: to you from me.

death. after death. life.

and apparently this is my first, serious entry.

to mr. thanatophobic,

"that's only your imagination..playing tricks on you. a clock can do no harm to you so there's no reason to get scared."

like i said, right back at you.
death can do no harm--death is the absence of harm, if you have great faith in God and if you are confident that you will live with Him for eternity. death is the absence of all the pain that we are actually feeling right now in this world.
so why fear death if it can do no harm?

fine, i understand that some people fear death--but to a level that they fear the death of another person..let's say of a loved one perhaps...but if you do fear death itself, it's like saying that you still want to live in a world full of pain and misery. it's like you are not that confident that you will be with God after death.

if you fear the death of a loved one, it's like you're trying to make them suffer in the realities that we have right now...sorry if im in a pessimistic mood but dont you think it's all true? that you, me, and everyone else suffers in this world? with death, we are free.

and those loved ones of yours will never leave you. God wouldn't do that to you now wouldn't He? It's maybe bcoz he wants your loved ones to be safe in His hands right? He has great faith in you that you will still succeed whether they are dead or alive. now would you have faith in Him too?

God gave us life, not just to take it away. remember this, not all things are one sided. [right karlo?] think of the possibilities..of all the reasons why God gave us life. don't you think that it is a blessing that God gave us life? to see not just the pain, the agony..but also the beauties of it? of his creation?

so God gave us pain...hardships are one way of proving one's strength, and we should thank Him for giving us that for us to be stronger each and everyday. it is for us to learn a lesson. not just the ones we learn in our classrooms, but the ones that would really make us succeed in our life.

"Suffering is inevitable; suffering is caused by desire and attachment to desire; to eliminate suffering, we must eliminate desire."

-- if suffering is inevitable and it is caused by desire and attachment to desire, it's merely impossible to eliminate desire. it [desire] too, is inevitable. don't you think? try to eliminate's like you're saying that you try to eliminate the feeling of 'love' that wouldn't be good [especially if you apply that to your family] now would it?

so what if we die? in the long run, you will experience such and so will i...
if you imagine of all the demise that you will eventually experience, so let's say that you [ or someone else] will die because of an accident *knocks on wood*

so what now if you know that? what will you do about it then?

you can never stop death
, if you yourself admit that it is inevitable...why do you think of it often and make it a problem?

let your mind and soul be free. free from your fear.

so what really happens if a person dies? i myself do not know. nobody knows, and don't you worry for your question will be answered someday. so dont fret, because im sure...the answer will be something not worth fearing.

my goodness, that's enough philosophy for me.
i'd like you to comment on that.

ms. clinophobic


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