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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cognizant.. So cognizant..

my dear readers, it may seem to you that i am a very nice person.. very friendly, humorous, trustworthy, responsible, dependable.. but now i am cognizant of my other side.. my pitch black side.. well, it is about time..

i just realized what a demon i am inside the white shroud that envelopes me every waking day of my f*cking life..

maybe i am just too dumb.. and too numb to be guile about what i am doing to the poeple i really care about..

i am like a reckless and ruthless driver.. i drive into people's lives, put the pedal to the metal, hit them with all the gas that i have, and just drive away, leaving them to bite the dust (literally)..

i always thought that i was doing right.. i always thought that i am a likable person because i have a lot of friends.. i always thought i am a nice person.. i never knew that the rest of the world always thought otherwise..

please find me someone who doesn't think i came from the underworld.. for me.. please do that.. and if you do, please pray to your god, thank him and praise him for he created such a splendid miracle..



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