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Thursday, July 13, 2006

No write, no love?

if you read my blog often, you will realize something that's common to most of my entries.. what is it? it's a four letter word.. it starts with the letter L and ends with the letter E.. we're all bitter about it.. come on.. you know it! at some point, we become stupid because of it.. what was that? i can't hear you! say it out loud! we all try to define it as something that is blind.. and we just don't miss a day without ever having a thought that's related to it.. uh, come on.. please! stop this nonesense! it's love..

and if you really are a fan of the web page you are currently reading, you will notice that there are big intervals between the times that i wrote my most recent blog entries (including this one)..

does it seem that i have nothing to write about anymore?

does it seem that my brain is on a permanent blackout?

does it seem that i no longer have compulsive fingers to convey my emotions to?

does it seem that i am deprived of the financial support in order for me to connect to the rest of the world?


does it seem that my heart is currently dead and is incapable of producing love hormones that squeeze the words right out of my system?

well.. maybe my love life isn't in a state of red alert this season.. it's as gloomy and fickle-minded as the everyday weather here in laguna with my best friend Maria Makiling..

not that i don't have anybody to love.. i actually have a number of people written here on my palm.. and some of them already made it to my list a few decades ago.. hey, i didn't tattoo it! maybe it tattoed itself on my heart..

maybe it's just that my love life isn't out right now partying with its friends.. it got exhausted of being active, you know.. but i think it left me a message some three or four months ago.. wait, i think i have it in my pocket right now.. oh, here it is! oh.. that's why.. it's on leave.. ;-)

P.S. i apologize to my dear readers who always find nothing to read whenever they check my blog.. don't worry.. my heart is already under renovation.. sorry for the inconvenience.. soon to rise: love..



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