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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The filth of philippine politics: corruption's advantage...

i know.. you may be perplexed, thinking: "what? corruption has an advantage?"

well.. advantages do not necessarily deliver good things for the good of everybody, you see..

whether we like it or not, corruption brings good things, unfortunately, to some people [only]..

past the fact that it brings material fortune to government officials who engage in the infamous activity, i'm talking about the ones who run for public office..

we all know about corruption.. i mean, we are fully aware that it is widespread in our government.. in fact, our country is known all over the world for it.. and we all abhor it, proven by decades of rallies, protests, impeachment cases, and, of course, the series of people power revolutions..

however, this fact, apparently, is used by the ruthless ones who are thrilled to grab a seat in our government to lay down on a bed of cash..

they say that they will fight corruption when they finally get the position they are running for, although some of us are aware that what they are saying are exactly the opposite of what they are doing or what they did.. they even make commitments ahead, even though they are candidates still, saying that they will not run again for re-election if they will not be able to fulfill their promises.. they include it in their surreal generalized platform, which is not expounded to the public for it to be understood.. they broadcast it in the airwaves, squeezing out the creativity of their dedicated yet foolish supporters to apply it on their advertisements in order to catch the attention of the people and "plant" their names on their intoxicated minds.. they buy the recommendations of different influential organizations and relgious groups.. they shell out millions of money for a position that supposedly gives back only thousands.. they travel all over the country and show their crooked faces covered with lies, deception, greed, and selfishness.. and they boast about it, saying that they can and they will abolish corruption if you vote for them..

and we who are suffocated by all the misleading publicity, we who are desperate for an overhaul in public governance, we who are blinded by our beliefs, may it be religious or cultural, that can be easily manipulated and corrupted by power, and we who, for every election, are presented with nothing but deceiving promises and false hopes like it.. it's like ear candy, hearing those seemingly famous celebrities who happen to run our country say the things that we want to hear, the things that we want to happen for the good of our country, the things that we are hoping for, the things that give us encouragement to live another day of misery, the things that catch our attention and make us vote for the ones we remember come the election day..

simply put, they say what we want to hear, we write what we hear and remember, they do what they want to do given the power to do so..

skeptical or cynical i may seem, but i am so sick of the filth of philippine politics, hearing every now and then unproven controversies related to cheating at the elections that will be soon left hanging in the air again, just like the other controversies in the previous elections.. that's why i'm not going to vote until i see a change.. and i wonder when will that be..

if only God could vote for us.. *sigh*

and now, the queston is: shall truth prevail this time around?


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