Gazeebo De Lala: June 2005

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

horoscope nonsense...


here's my today's horoscope...w/c made me say "never in a million years..."

The Bottom Line:

If you've got a handle on all the details, you can make an excellent choice right now.

In Detail:

Ready for some fireworks? Good, because there's a whole bunch on the way. Today's eclipse will urge you to make some changes with regard to your goals for the future, which certainly could mean that you'll feel the need to begin associating with a whole new peer group. If that's the case, try to ease away from your current crew gently -- or offer to take them along.

what??? i'll feel the need to do that? seriously now...i already have the BEST barkada ever and i will never, and i mean never have that "feel" of having another one. we made our journey through highschool together...we shared our laughs and our tears flowing...we made unforgettable experiences together...we managed to solve every problem...they were there to lend me their shoulders...i tried to let go of my barkada...

but that was my biggest mistake i've made in my entire life.

and i would not make the same mistake again.

that's a promise.

like i said...never in a million wait...let me rephrase that:


case closed.

Hey lalans, our own blog... ;-)

ei guys, let's post here all the things that happened, that is happening, and that will happen to us lalans for all of us to know what's happening sa buhay nating mga lalans... ;-) and now that we are going to part temporarily, this might be a good idea for us to keep in touch with one another... so guys, post lang nang post ah! ;-) oh and by the way, add your own blog here... here's how: login as gazeebodelala w/ the password lalans, then go to setting, add members... then put your email... then go to your email ad, then check out the message, then verify/confirm the membership!!! ;-) oh, and if you're going to post, post through your own blog account, only if you're a memeber na... if all else fail, login na lang kayo dito using the username and password above... ;-) so guys, let's try to keep up at least once a month and post something here on the blog ha... promise 'yan! ;-) lalans by blood, lalans by heart...;-)