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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

post-cheering pictures [town]

an event that was so hyper (diba sa starbucks?) it only happened for that day
here are the pictures from our last alis...

indulge in the beauty of lalans..hehe joke

jix and karlo.. papakavain lang naman po...

here's a pic i took, candid talaga.

cass, chismax to the max

pardz, takin a pic also

lelai and karlo, halaman? hehe.

remember r_ _ n (ung tree sa kabilang gazeebo)


here's kuya pardz, cassie ang karlo. oh! the Vanity!!!

mga future endorsers ng jollibee


hehehe scandal sa barkada!!! joke lang.

lelai, are you on crack?



jichael and karlo uli, ang best pals sa group

advertizing the ubos na pagkain tray, wax papaer and drink

aleli, hehehe ok lang yan you still look preety to us! oi! lalaki na ulo nyan.. joke!

wah! miss you all guys talaga!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

mama mich entry # 1: to you from me.

death. after death. life.

and apparently this is my first, serious entry.

to mr. thanatophobic,

"that's only your imagination..playing tricks on you. a clock can do no harm to you so there's no reason to get scared."

like i said, right back at you.
death can do no harm--death is the absence of harm, if you have great faith in God and if you are confident that you will live with Him for eternity. death is the absence of all the pain that we are actually feeling right now in this world.
so why fear death if it can do no harm?

fine, i understand that some people fear death--but to a level that they fear the death of another person..let's say of a loved one perhaps...but if you do fear death itself, it's like saying that you still want to live in a world full of pain and misery. it's like you are not that confident that you will be with God after death.

if you fear the death of a loved one, it's like you're trying to make them suffer in the realities that we have right now...sorry if im in a pessimistic mood but dont you think it's all true? that you, me, and everyone else suffers in this world? with death, we are free.

and those loved ones of yours will never leave you. God wouldn't do that to you now wouldn't He? It's maybe bcoz he wants your loved ones to be safe in His hands right? He has great faith in you that you will still succeed whether they are dead or alive. now would you have faith in Him too?

God gave us life, not just to take it away. remember this, not all things are one sided. [right karlo?] think of the possibilities..of all the reasons why God gave us life. don't you think that it is a blessing that God gave us life? to see not just the pain, the agony..but also the beauties of it? of his creation?

so God gave us pain...hardships are one way of proving one's strength, and we should thank Him for giving us that for us to be stronger each and everyday. it is for us to learn a lesson. not just the ones we learn in our classrooms, but the ones that would really make us succeed in our life.

"Suffering is inevitable; suffering is caused by desire and attachment to desire; to eliminate suffering, we must eliminate desire."

-- if suffering is inevitable and it is caused by desire and attachment to desire, it's merely impossible to eliminate desire. it [desire] too, is inevitable. don't you think? try to eliminate's like you're saying that you try to eliminate the feeling of 'love' that wouldn't be good [especially if you apply that to your family] now would it?

so what if we die? in the long run, you will experience such and so will i...
if you imagine of all the demise that you will eventually experience, so let's say that you [ or someone else] will die because of an accident *knocks on wood*

so what now if you know that? what will you do about it then?

you can never stop death
, if you yourself admit that it is inevitable...why do you think of it often and make it a problem?

let your mind and soul be free. free from your fear.

so what really happens if a person dies? i myself do not know. nobody knows, and don't you worry for your question will be answered someday. so dont fret, because im sure...the answer will be something not worth fearing.

my goodness, that's enough philosophy for me.
i'd like you to comment on that.

ms. clinophobic

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chai Entry Number ONE

Theory of the Objectivity of Love


People in this world are neither good nor evil. People only love. It must be clarified, for the reader’s sake that the word ‘love’ is used in the context, not as the common notion of it as directed towards others or the common good. Love may be directed to anything, living or non-living, material or immaterial.

The object of our love is so diverse. Some people may love peace, knowledge, beliefs, religion, faith, pleasure, stability, comfort, and even love itself. Love’s most popular object is the ‘not- self’ like the family, friends, a single person, the country, the oppressed, the needy, and other forms of martyrdom. But it can also be directed to other less popular 'self-centered' things such as fame, wealth, adventure, talent, superiority and power.

Love is something, which cannot be easily judged as good or evil, but it is true that true love entails sacrifice and suffering. If a person loves peace, he may sometimes suffer from passiveness for the sake of peace. Some people who love knowledge, doesn’t even mind sacrificing a normal social life and wealth. Some who love their beliefs, religion and faith, are also willing to do so. Some, who love pleasure, can be willing to sacrifice their moral values. Some, who love stability and comfort, would do away with possibilities, change and adventure. Those who love ‘love’ itself are willing to risk anything for the sake of loving and being loved. The same things go for everything else.

Indeed, love is very powerful. A person can never be stopped from loving. It wouldn’t matter if we think that the object of a person’s love is wrong, because loving or knowing that you have achieved what you love would make you happy, no matter how others judge you.

To think that everybody ‘just loves’ would make it easier for us to accept other people, whatever kind of person they may be. For example, someone who is selfish could be described in a neutral manner as someone who loves himself. A person who acts cowardly may be someone who just loves peace or possibly safety. A person whom society calls as flirty could be someone who just loves attention. Describing every form of love would take eternity.

Loving is innate in all of us. If God is Love, then it is true that God has created us in His own image and likeness - by planting in all of us the seed of love. The important thing is that we have to accept that we all love different things in different ways. This acceptance is called respect.Respect is more powerful than love because it reconciles everything.

Love is good, as long as we do not hinder the ability of others to love in their own way.

Kuya Pardz Entry 1: an eventful 19th birthday celebration...

an eventful 19th birthday celebration...

it's the 21st of January and i'm only able to update my blog now...and believe me alot has happened during that week. actually, the whole year started off exciting for me. i was asked to choreograph a cheerdance routine for the high school sophomores of my alma mater. i was actually caught off guard coz i never expected it nonetheless i accepted the offer. so, i had a hudge undertaking in front of me...i have to make a routine with stunts and lifts in a span of two and a half weeks. it called for alot of creativity on my part and alot of hardwork nonetheless i was able to create a routine. we had the cheerdance competion las friday and won 3rd place which was good enough for me and my squad but what really touched me was the validation that my fellow batchmates gave me. it really meant alot to me.

my 19th birthday actually started off like any other normal day but what surprised me was the fact that alot of people greeted me. even people that i wasn't that close to greeted me. this birthday was actually one of the best of my life. i've been trully been blessed and it made me realize that i must have done something good in my life for the Lord to bless me with so much. i feel that im sometimes not worthy especially at the fact that i'm not exactly a model Catholic but it's blessings like this that make me realize and make me reaffirm my faith in Him. He trully gives you what you deserve and no matter what you've done in life He still makes you feel loved and all He asks is very little. i feel so sad that i can't even do that but i'm trying to do my best.
there's alot that i asked for this year but i guess what stood out is the wish that i fall in love again. after with what happened the last time (which i can trully say that i've moved on) im still apprehensive to fall. i must admit that i'm having new prospects but im not counting on them. if they are meant for me it will come. i consulted my favorite book about this and it said that im wishing and that i shouldn't think of anyone specific. i should believe that it will come and that it is meant for me so for now im just happy with my life and how things are going. i still have alot of things to do but i know that i'll get through them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kaloy Entry 1: Love and its connection to stones and diamonds...

sometimes it's just so hard to fall because you'll never gonna get any warning that could prevent you from tripping and getting scarred... the hardest part about it is you getting up on your feet again, learning from it, and preparing for the next time you might just fall...

it is the hardest part, especially when you almost gave all of your heart to a person who never knew you loved, and then you just ended up knowing that that person loves someone else... it is very crushing and tough to get up on both feet again because the heartache made you very fragile and vulnerable... and you wouldn't be able to escape the sadness... you are bound to absorb everything that happened... and you'll never gonna know when would a person touch your heart or take it away again... all you can really do is get over...

it's just like tripping on a stone and having your knee bleed... you cure it to stop the bleeding and heal the wound... but you wouldn't be able to know when you will trip again... instead you would just prepare yourself for the next fall...

we're all destined to fall for someone... and we're all destined to be hurt for falling too... but we shouldn't be afraid of falling... in fact, we should take advantage of all the chances we can get in our lives... so we just have to patch up our knees to make it look nice, buy some more medication (in case of another accident), and look at and be aware of all the stones that we pass by...

we'll never know when will forever come because all the best things in life happen and come when you least expect it... so never miss a stone because you might have just missed a diamond... ;-)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Gazeebo De Lala's Top 3 Blog Entries Mechanics

* the mechanics has no order whatsoever

1) all lalan bloggers can join.

2) blog entries (maximum of 2) are to be posted only here at our blog.

3) deadline for entries is at feb. 28, 2006.

4) the top 5 blog entries will be declared on march 18, 2006. it will be posted through a blog entry.

5) blog entries previously posted can be used as an entry. lalans who will use their previous blog entries must re-post them in the blog.

6) entries' title must be under this format: (name of lalan) Entry (entry number): (title of entry )

7) entries can be in Tagalog, English, or Taglish.

8) entries could be in any form of prose or poetry.

9) judging will be through a poll in our yahoo group.

10) all lalans, blogger or non-blogger, could choose their top 2 chosen entries. lalans could only vote once per selected entry.

11) lalans could not pick their own entries.

12) poll will be created / will start the day after the last date of submission of entries. only the moderator of our yahoo group will create and monitor the poll.

13) all lalans must comply with the mechanics. or else...

* suggestions for change/addition in the mechanics must be first posted in the tag board in this format: CHANGE: (suggestion for change/addition)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ligaw na Kaluluwa

Wala akong katahimikan.

Pakiramdam ko ay isa akong ligaw na kaluluwa na humihingi ng tulong, umiiyak, pero nang makita mo ako ay agad mong tinakbuhan. Ni hindi mo man lang yata napansin na dugo ang iniluluha ko. Ang alam mo lang, hindi mo ako dapat makaharap. Takot ka sa akin. Takot kang harapin ako. Hindi mo gustong makita ako sa kasalukuyan dahil ako ay nabibilang sa nakaraan.

Hindi mo ako nais makitang naghihinagpis, dahil ang gusto mo lang isipin ay naging masaya ako sa iyo, na ayos lang ang lahat, na pinalagpas ko lang ng mapayapa ang lahat ng ginawa mo. Hindi mo gustong malaman na nakasakit ka, na nasugatan mo ako nang lubos. Hindi mo matanggap na namatay ako dahil sa’yo. Nangangarap ka na mapayapa na ang kaluluwa ko ngayon, na tanging hiling ko lang ay kaligayahan mo, na gusto ko nang manahimik sa sarili kong buhay.

Inilibing ang puso ko nang buhay.

Pumipintig pa ito, pero tinabunan na ng lupa at putik. Isinulat mo sa aking puntod sa iyong alaala na ako ay namuhay ng maligaya kasama ka. Na pumanaw ako ng tahimik at may ngiti sa labi. Ngunit hindi mo iniukit na mapait ang mga ngiti ko kasabay ng aking mga huling hininga. Alam kong alam mo iyon, ngunit talagang hindi mo gustong tanggapin ang katotohanan.

Tulad ng lahat ng taong pumapanaw, ninais kong bumalik sa taong minahal ko habang nabubuhay. Ikaw ang gusto kong balikan. Gusto kitang makita. Gusto kong malaman kung kamusta ka na, kung nalungkot ka man lamang ba sa aking pagkawala. Gusto kitang yakapin kahit na ang madarama mo lang ay isang malamig na hangin na nakakakilabot, kasama ng mapapait na alaala.

Ngunit dahil ako ay patay na, hindi na ako bingi sa katotohanan. Nadidinig ko ang binubulong ng isip mo. Ayaw mong makita ako muli. Alam kong hindi kakayanin ng iyong kunsiyensya ang iyong ginawa.

Wala na akong buhay, pero may damdamin pa rin ako. Kaya bumubuhos pa rin ng tuluyan ang luha ko. Ang luha at dugo mula sa pusong sugatan. Nagmamantsa pa rin ito sa aking mahabang puting damit. Bakas pa rin sa aking kaluluwa ang sugat.

Hindi na kita gustong balikan, dahil ayaw mo. Ngayon, heto ako at pagala-gala sa kawalan. Paminsan ay makakatagpo ng isang taong nag-iisa at saka ko ibubulong ang “tulungan mo ako… tulungan mo ako…%u20


Thanks to mamamich for the idea. Deadly. Hehe.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gazeebo De Lala's Top'5 Charts... ;-)


Top 5 Issues:

5) kris' blue-eyed ex-lover
- uhh... blue eyes... those blue eyes... his blue eyes... very blue eyes... wait... blue eyes? huh? those blue eyes?!? HIS blue eyes?!? aarrrghhh...

4) paul & colleen's love story
- remember the day they first got together (october 25, 2005)? and the moment when they arrived at the gazebo teary-eyed and with rings on their, well, ring fingers? awww... nobody will definitely forget their incredible love story...

mama mich - elijah conflict (debate of the lalans vs. elijah)
- we all LOVE that debate, now don't we?

chai - gari issue
- this issue is still sizzling these days... refer to the blogs...
RE: from chai:(showbiz to) "Friends lang kami! OK?" Hehe. New life!

mama mich - lalans conflict
- the tears... the walk-outs... the confessions... the misunderstandings... the lies... the secrets... the conflict... (oh well, past is past... don't try to dig it up... hehehe... if you're confused about what this is about, don't be...)

Top 5 Theme Songs:

5) Bedan Hymn

4) Mata by Mojofly

3) Suntok Sa Buwan by Session Road

2) ABS-CBN Theme Song

1) Coca-Cola Theme Song by Nikki Gil

Top 5 Love Teams:

5) Keisha - Miguel

4) Anakat - Stephen - Maryel

Copo - Cass - Aleli - Colleen

2) Mama Mich - nyebe =p

1) Paul - Colleen


And the list goes on...

username: our barkada name... ---> *************
password: what are we called? ---> ******

Why do I have to end up this way?

Why do I have to end up this way?
Lost the kisses, my faith, my mind
Why did you mess with my forever?
When time was everything, so sweet and kind

I looked down and all that sweet scent of a rose
Tears felt my eyes and saw gleaming stars
Never felt an island away from your heart
But now I’m distraught, my heart’s behind bars

Screaming for the odds just passing me by
Hoping for the moment that you would be mine
Reaching for the hand that I held in my dreams
Withered thoughts of you so charming and fine

The wind lifts my soul and overcomes my fear
Scared of not feeling your once cold breath
And even if dread hinders me from you
I’ll always endure; I won't wait my death